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To safeguard the interest of labor and management by securing the highest level of mutual understanding and good-will among all those sections in the industry which participate in the process of production.

These varying backgrounds play a major role in shaping the character of industrial relations. Instead of pressing for higher wages and improved benefits, Trade unions are pressing for maintenance of existing benefits and protection and claims over non-payment of agreed wages and benefits.

Non formal ways were evolved to do what the formal system did not legistate, for one reason or other. It changes the work organization by necessitating retaining and redeployment.

This alone can provide worker with a proper sense of responsibility, which they owe to the organization in particular, and to the community in general. Contents : Includes matter pertaining to employment conditions like pay, hours of works, leave with wages, health, and safety disciplinary actions, lay-off, dismissals retirements etc.

Liaison with outside groups and personnel departments as well as with various cadres of the management staff.

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Industrial Relations: Evolution and Growth in India