How to write a song about your life

A pre-chorus is something that goes in front of most if not all choruses in a song. Your hook will be part of your chorus. Forks In The Road Pick out some life altering decisions in your life. Get my free monthly newsletter with songwriting tips and hit song guides.

And practice with sensory writing in order to get the listener more in touch and listening in. Avoid passive voice When rappers go to rap about their life they tend to fall in the category of telling people about it.

Then when you get back into the final chorus it will switch up again and go back to the original point of view. It is easy to identify with because of the truthfulness of the words and the heartfelt nature of the subject matter.

how to write a song from the heart

Overall you can come up with new ideas neither of you has thought about before.

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What to Write Songs About? Beginners Guide to Writing Song Lyrics