Moroccan culture

Moroccan culture

Military Activity. Although the use of the Berber language is declining, as ofat least one third of Moroccans speak a variety of Berber as their native language.

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Social Life Social life in Morocco is centered on the home and family. It is considered as classical music. Bacon, Dan. One of the most striking activities is Wall Painting. When news travels that pagan practices are taking place, Muslim missionaries will travel to the area to stop them and bring the people back to Islam. Nevertheless, requests for integration from the opposition have still not been met entirely. Morocco is still mainly a cash-based society, although major credit cards are accepted in big cities. Although the dialects can still be heard in some rural areas, the Berber linguistic tradition is oral rather than literary, and there is no formal alphabet or standard written form of the language.

Bentahila, Abdeli. Because of the low number of doctors and medical clinics in the country, families in Morocco frequently face death. Marriage, Family, and Kinship Marriage.

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There are a few dominant characteristics in regard to the architecture of Morocco. The indigenous people that live inside the territory are the Saharawi. This conference also established the northernmost city, Tangier, as an international free port, under control of the Spanish. Nydell, Margaret K. The three branches of the government are the executive, the legislative, and the judicial. People come here to eat and lounge, and choose a decorating style that shows the relaxed privacy and intimacy only available in the home. Do not miss the Tan-Tan moussem, which is especially well known and has been listed on the Intangible Cultural Heritage register since Domestic Unit. Indeed, some linguists consider the North African dialects of Arabic to be independent languages. The kingdom of Morocco is politically stable, but reforms are slow to come. In a national vaccination project was launched with the goal of immunizing all children under one year of age and all women of procreating age. The EssaouiraGnaouas festival is also highly recommended. The massive demonstration is remembered as Green March Day. The goal of the movement was to create a stronger form of Islam and a central Moroccan government. Agriculture and forestry form the basis of Morocco's economy.

The civil war between the Arabs and the Berbers finally began to subside in the s and s. Morocco Index: Constitutional Background.

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There are a few dominant characteristics in regard to the architecture of Morocco.

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Culture of Morocco