The need to appreciate the gift of life

This information helps us to grow as a person, as opposed to being at the mercy of the devil and getting involved with things that make us feel ashamed and guilty.

life is a gift essay

And remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know you have for sure. Bennett Give the gift of your time or service Make a list of a few important people in your life and instead of buying them something, call and ask each them if there is some project they've been putting off or procrastinating that you might be able to help them with.

What do you love best about your spouse? We can help ourselves while we help others, and giving ourselves the freedom to have fun will help us appreciate life even more. What is it about your kids that you really appreciate? This year, I am afraid we will be handing out hugs, kisses and best wishes for the holidays and the new year!

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life is a gift quote

They can be handmade, or bought. Now I am happy that I hung on and that my friends and family were so supportive. If we learn to see the beauty, the gratefulness, and the appreciation in the big and small, we learn to live a life of gratitudeand we learn the lesson that we have a great deal to be thankful for.

Your importance We do something only for people we value. There are gifts for various moments in life. You cannot buy a gift and present it to a random person.

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The Gifts of Life ยป At Home in Tuscany