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Eliot took from them a sensual yet precise attention to symbolic images, a feature that would be the hallmark of his brand of Modernism. In a letter to Aiken late in December , Eliot, aged 26, wrote, "I am very dependent upon women I mean female society. Silas Marner is a novel based on the ups and downs of the main character, Silas and his friends, neighbours and villagers Both of these writers present the reader with the concept of human mortality in such a way that not only is the fear of death prevalent in their work, but also the love of life Much of it was a collaborative effort; Eliot accepted credit only for the authorship of one scene and the choruses. Eliot revolves around a world of what seems to be chaotic and dead, and led by a single protagonist. National or State Honours. When Harvard offered him the Charles Eliot Norton professorship for the — academic year, he accepted and left Vivienne in England.

Eliot consorted with modernist literary iconoclast Ezra Pound but was obsessed with the traditional works of Shakespeare and Dante It reaches out like a clear signal to the reader.

Bush notes that the piece was at first correctly perceived as a work of jazz-like syncopation—and, like s jazzessentially iconoclastic. This structural complexity is one of the reasons why the poem has become a touchstone of modern literaturea poetic counterpart to a novel published in the same year, James Joyce 's Ulysses.

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Martin Browne for the production of The Rock, and later commissioned Eliot to write another play for the Canterbury Festival in It is hopeful to a Christian society to believe that it lives in a world where God is not dead, but the poem is not about such a world. Eliot , was an extraordinarily influential poet and playwright who captured the true essence of his modern day society, and brought it to life through his various works. His first poem, The Love Song of J. First published in , it captures the feelings and sentiments of modern culture after World War I. He first visited Marburg , Germany, where he planned to take a summer programme, but when the First World War broke out he went to Oxford instead. He attended Harvard as an undergraduate in , was accepted into the literary circles, and had a predilection for 16th- and 17th-century poetry, the Italian Renaissance particularly Dante , Eastern religion, and philosophy. And she persuaded herself also under the influence of [Ezra] Pound that she would save the poet by keeping him in England.

Inthe composer Alan Rawsthorne set six of the poems for speaker and orchestra in a work titled Practical Cats. When Harvard offered him the Charles Eliot Norton professorship for the — academic year, he accepted and left Vivienne in England. Eliot largely abandoned his Midwestern roots and chose to ally himself with both New and Old England throughout his life.

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Eliot changed the face of poetry. Using a modernist style, T. Eliot's Four Quartets Though its more lyrical passages present detailed and evocative imagery, substantial portions of T. In addition, he also appears at times to be consciously invoking Eliot - employs the medium of language to parallel and reflect his perception of the cyclical and repetitive patterns of the life and death process This is a style that is evident in all of Eliot's writings.

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