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Substantial national marketing programs, as well as local co-op advertising. We base our shop time fees on an industry standard, which we then adjust for our target market. Scheduled tune-ups, replacement of all bearing surfaces, repacking of lubricants, and adjustments of derailleurs and brake systems.

Four that we regularly order from are listed here. We also regularly purchase small lots of other brands to test their popularity in our market. Local service is a major drawing factor for a specialty store such as ourselves.

bicycle shop business plan pdf

University Cycle Works is no exception. Come winter we offer helmet covers and liners, insulated jerseys and pants, gloves, and shoe covers.

Service University Cycle Works is a full-service specialized bicycle shop.

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Prompt and convenient service from on-the-spot flat tire fix, to drop in repairs, to scheduled major maintenance, where the rider can drop their bike off, head to class or work, and be assured that their bike will be ready for the ride home. Products and Services Retail Sales Bicycles. He originally worked at his local bike shop when he was in college. IntheSpring,westartdisplayingsummer jerseys,andracingshorts Parts. Bicycles are an obvious and popular transportation solution. Accessories are a huge part of the retail sales in the bike industry. Our customer base is predominantly university students and staff. Clothing appeals to all cyclists, whether it is a logo emblazoned T-shirt or a piece of waterproof rainwear. He has a B. Her expertise is in small business expansion. Just before the autumn rains we stock jackets and Gore-Tex. Jill Bloom Shop Manager After a decade of bike-shop experience and five completed triathlons, Jill will anchor the services side of the business. Table of Contents Competitive Edge Range of accessories most practical in the local setting, such as locks, fenders, lights, tires, seats, rainwear, etc.

Her knowledge and expertise draws many women bicyclists to our store where they know they will get the care and attention which is usually missing from traditionally male staffed shops.

Her expertise is in small business expansion. This also means the new shop must have more funding to be able to write checks on a moments notice, for large amounts.

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The current assistant manager, Hubert Wheeler, is buying Garrett's Bike Shop, and will manage the business. Realizingthatamorepractical optionwouldbetobuyanexistingshop,heapproachedhiscurrentboss. Competition The foremost competitive advantage of Garrett's Bike Shop is our university location. University Cycle Works staff provides the kind of personal, professional service people want, and are willing to pay for. The seller,buyer,andtheaccountantworkedtogetherontheplantobalanceoptimismwith reality. Plenty of replacement components and service parts. Generally, parts are installed during service [see below] and are an additional charge beyond the service fees. At University Cycle Works, we rotate our clothing based on the season. This also means the new shop must have more funding to be able to write checks on a moments notice, for large amounts. Our location is a competitive advantage for us. Three of the largest suppliers are listed here.

Metroburg Parks Dept. His passion however has always been cycling.

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