Visit to a fun fair

Give them a map of a funfair with the different rides missing. Since I knew that there is a funfair at the other end of the shopping complex, I went there.

Stalls selling quick take away foods, ice creams, juices, desserts could be seen spanned all over the place. The rates were reasonable. Select Page Essay on Fair A fair is a gathering of people for certain entertainment or commercial activities.

Ferry wheels of different sizes, capacity and speed could be seen in operation and screams of children and elders enjoying it could also be heard. People were walking leisurely and the place was very crowded. Vendors selling their products, a magician calling eager children, call for audiences to witness a just to begin stunt performance and other activities could be heard simultaneously.

Immediately it was known a child was missing many of the fairground folk and an army of fair goers banded together and began a frantic search for her. In their groups allocate a drawing and writing task to each of them. Kolkata Book Fair is usually held for 12 days in Jan-Feb every year.

Here, author Lynda Page looks back at her childhood memories:I was eight years old and the night was a cold one for the end of September, but neither me or my two sisters cared about the weather or anything else for that matter.

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Why the fun fair was magical for us as children